Within  30 minutes of the Castel Petit Trianon de St Ustre one will discover Futuroscope, the most futuristic French amusement park !  Spending a day here is really a must if you are staying  anywhere near Poitiers !

Futuroscope celebrates its 30 year birthday this year and has  prepared so many wonderful shows and animations for their new visitors ! Between thrill seeking events, amusing discoveries ,funny ,colourful  grand theatrical shows, the park puts on the full works for its celebration !

From the beginning the Park  has always put forward amazing creative  attractions ,mixed projections with images in reality  and increased  sensory experiences !

The 2017 season  excels ! Don’t miss out on this  unique European experience ” The Extraordinary Journey “: Aboard an incredible machine ,take a round world journey where reality meets make believe ! Feel lighter than air with your legs dangling free and you will  experience  something all thrill seekers can revel.

Thrill seeking amateurs will be won over by “Dance with Robots” and ” Arthur the 4D Adventure”. Others will be amused  and absorbed with the « Lapins Crétins » and their ” Machine to Travel in Time” or “The Ice Age “! Fans of these cartoons will be  in 7th heaven !

Open from 10 am till 11:15 pm in Summer, an absolute must is  the spectacular  night-show entertainment ” La Forge aux étoiles ” an aquatic fairytale fantasy created by « Cirque du Soleil » ! The worlds leader of artistic entertainment performs a constellation of the most unique and most masterful images and special effects. It’s a magical story of a  real life young girl meeting  a virtual giant. A  breathtaking experience showing pyrotechnic, aquatic and visual effects of another world !

Also don’t miss out on  other  major attractions at the park such as ” Dynamic Vienne”, an immersive crazy, thrill seeking sightseeing race through Vienne !

A day to be remembered for the young and old as they will be blown away and stunned by  the technology of the day !

Park of the Futuroscope : www.futuroscope.com

One day tickets from 36€ per person.

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