Many of you have participated in our competition regarding your most special memories whilst staying at our Castels.

Your favourite memories are often emotional, related to your children and time spent with us. We have selected the 10 most symbolic ones

Alexandra T. of St Georges des Groseillers ( 61 ):

” When June finally arrives, my husband and I and our 3 children Enzo, Elya and Aliséa, know that we are approaching the time of the year we look forward to the most, which is the summer holidays 

Last summer was the best holiday spent at the Castels ! Sunshine, various activities, time spent with the family and especially the very touching moment that we shall always remember, when our children began dancing and followed the choreographer with stars in their eyes, so very proud ! What an immense joy seeing our children so happy ! ”

Nathalie B. from Juigné on the Loire ( 49 ):

” Our memorable time at the campsite: our daily visit of a seagull, which was named “mimiche” by our children. Mimiche visited us every day to see if there were crumbs scattered around here or there… He ate from our hands, and he even entered into the bungalow much to our surprise ! He would give small pecks on the glass plate window as if he was shouting to us to come out. We often filmed him carrying on, so that the children will always have a souvenir of mimiche… ”

Véronique T. of Sassenage ( 38 ):

” We spent a unforgettable family week with our 2 children at the campsite Castels Domain de la Bergerie in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. We loved the nature aspect as we were in a reserve and at the same time we had so much fun. Swimming pools with slides, evenings with entertainment, children’s club … the list goes on and on ! An unforgettable stay in our cottage. Thank you Castels ! ”

Renée L. d’ Achicourt ( 62 ):

” In 1998 during the World Cup Soccer match we rented a television in our mobile home so that our teenagers could follow the game, this enabled us in the the evening to join all the campers in the activity room. It was an unforgettable time for our children and even now, so much later they still talk about it.