You’ve decided to go camping this Summer? Here are some ideas as to how to create some simple and enjoyable things to do alone or as a family.  ” Do It Yourself ” !

Let us begin with something simple, and always useful : Birthday candles to brighten your nights !  To create a lovely atmoshere early in the evening whilst taking advantage of the star lit sky. Think of packing birthday candles which you can stick onto fine wooden skewers and place them in the ground  It’s done ! Place about about ten skewers to create a romantic ambience to your evening.

Camping holidays are often synonymous of delicious food and of long lunches sitting around the table ! Do not forget your spices so that you can easily season your dishes ! However, it is not neccessary to take all your spice jars … Just take the amount you need by putting them into empty tick-tack containers ! A small suggestion, maybe eat the tick-tacks a few months ahead before you leave on holidays 🙂

Make the most of the good times whilst with the family or friends, and indulge yourselves in an idyllic and bohemian mood The perfect tent. Rather simple to build, It will allow you to nap in the shade or simply to take advantage of the green landscape in front of you ! A sheet for the ground, a fine fabric to suspend on a cord or on a branch of a tree and some pillows for a cosy and very comfortable feeling !

Camping during the heat of the Summer. Here is an activity to occupy your children and which will help you : The mini fan ! A wooden clothes peg, a sheet of paper pleated like an accordian, some glue and a mini elastic rubber band. Nothing more simple, you can even personalize and decorate them !