Large expanses of breathtaking natural waterways are spread throughout regional France. To be appreciated whilst hiking with family or alone walking alongside running waters, these rivers will undoubtedly refresh your well being.

The Tarn Gorge 

Classified since 2010, and added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Gorges du Tarn offers visitors an overwhelming natural spectacle. Along the 53 kilometre  canyon, you can look in wonder at the 500 metre high cliffs, you will be in absolute awe ! The natural water descents are rather easy to tackle in a canoe. Those who prefer being on the land can explore the speleology of the surrounding caves.

An absolute must to visit if you stay at the Castel « Le Caussanel »

The Verdon Gorge

Considered the most beautiful canyons in Europe, the Gorge du Verdon is even more vertiginous than those of the Tarn. Situated in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, every year thousands of tourists are drawn to the area and impressed by two in particular, the “Styx du Verdon”, a mini canyon which has been naturally carved into the canyon and “L’Imbut”, a narrow passage where the Verdon river disappears underground.

The Gorges du Gardon

The Gardon is much quieter, it has a low lying landscape which allows one to stop alongside the stoned river banks to have a quick dip before continuing on your hike. . Le pont du Gard  is the main highlight of the descent. The  highest of all elevated Roman aqueducts, built in the first half of the 1st century, is notably very impressive at 48 metres high.

A few kilometres away from Castel « Château de Boisson »

The Gorges de l’Ardèche

The welcoming feeling that is given off by the Gorges de l’Ardèche is amazing ! A natural arch formed in limestone from the gorges offers its visitors the most beautiful spectacle of 54 metres high ! The 30 kilometre  river flows rapidly, for all amateurs of wild water sports ! Those more sensitive to the cold can always follow the panoramic road through the scrubland.

Le Domaine de Sévenier is very close !

The Dordogne

La Dordogne flows through the region of the same name before entering  the Gironde river, near Bordeaux. The descent in a canoe is less exhilarating than that of Verdon or Ardèche, but it offers a stunning route through some of the most beautiful villages of France.

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