During your camping holidays at Les Castels, naturally, your skin will be exposed to the sun. Starting from breakfast, you feel the heat on your body, which  is often so revitalising making you feel good.

Natural light plays a major part on the morale and general good health. However, as in  all good things, too much unprotected sun can also be fatal for your body. That’s why we recommend you pack anti UV protection creams adapted to your skin, don’t hesitate to lather yourself several times a day if you are planning  to be outdoors in the sun for several hours .

What are the positive effects of the sun and natural light on your body ?

First of all, your bones will thank you because they will become stronger. Vitamin D present in UVB radiation is essential for calcium and phosphorus, which is very important for the elderly and growing children.

Holidays are the best time to adjust your internal clock and listen to your body. Natural light and sun can help you. Indeed, light is the most powerful synchronizer of the biorhythm. When our eyes capture the light, they transmit information to the brain which initiates the secretion of specific hormones. This is the way your biorhythm settles comfortably according to the luminosity in a 24-hour day.

Your sleep, which can sometimes be light and unsatisfactory during the year, will be deeper during this period. Your morale will be stimulated and also your appetite ! You know the French expression ” When the appetite is good, everything good ! ”

Your good mood will be sustained  ! The sun gives off  a secretion of endorphins, the famous hormones which produce and give  us that well-being feeling !

Expose  your skin with care during the holidays, take advantage of the opportunity to recharge your vitamin D and at the same time remember to protect yourself ! Don’t forget that the sun is of great benefit to our health in general.