Ah the holidays … sun, lounging around, time for yourself … How about if you took the opportunity to play sport?

Tennis is a game which adapts itself perfectly to this period: to exert oneself outdoors under the sun is so invigorating !

An added bonus is it’s played with two or four people, an excellent way to spend time with the family,friends, or as a couple whilst keeping in shape !

All our campsites cater for the tennis lover: most provide you with one or several courts and also there are always extra courts nearby where you can hit some balls !

Tennis has many benefits for our body and our spirit ! First of all, it is a  sport of endurance which is very good for the heart as it decreases blood pressure. This sport also allows you to burn calories.

Furthermore, its a sport about tactics so therfore requires strategy. Tennis needs patience as one game can last for hours. Last of all, this activity allows to clear the mind, to let off steam, run and hit a ball !

Some campsites  provide two tennis courts, the Domaine des Omes or the camping Château de Galinée. The community of Ardèche have provided a night lit court for that evening game.  Whatever Castel  you choose to spend your holiday, there will be a court not very far away !

At Garangeoire tennis lessons are provided in high season. A teacher takes a group or private lessons depending on your standard and your choice. Once a week a tournament is organized. Click here to know more.

Allier holidays and tennis will clear your mind and keep you fit whilst having fun with family and  friends !

Pack your rackets !