Whether you come alone or with the family to our Castel campsites, we do everything  we can to make your time with us as beneficial as possible. In beautiful surroundings we offer a multitude of activities. Various sports, walks and aquatic parks included. These campsites have a tranquility that creates an atmosphere of well-being!

So relax and forget your everyday life style whether in Winter or Summer!

In our Castels, camping and relaxation go hand in hand ! Relaxation is our priority with heated indoor swimming pools for your comfort.

Alongside the Aquatic centres the campsites of Château de l’Epervière and the Château de Lez Eaux, both in Normandy, have spas, Turkish baths plus relaxing areas. In Ruisseau des  Pyrénées and at  Garangeoire, masseuses and beauticians are available.

Think of making an appointment and let your mind drift elsewhere!

Throughout the year one can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydro massage where jets of water soothe your body.

In Brittany, the l’Orangerie de Lanniron offers its guests a water fun park which includes warm water geysers, a hot water spa bath to relax and enjoy. Also in the region, the Château de Galinée at St Cast le Guildo offers  balneotherapy and  spa baths.

At Criques de Porteils, on the Mediterranean Sea, you have the choice of a private beaches or two balneotherapy swimming pools, plus a spa!

Difficult to choose? Why not enjoy both.

Le Château de Boisson near the Gorges of Ardèche is situated 3km from a health and spa centre. There is a legend that says Julius Caesar frequented this spa ! We suggest you try it!

Finally, some campsites offer accommodation with a private jacuzzi (Le Château de Lez Eaux)! What more could one wish for to completely relax!

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Have a great holiday!