“Are we nearly there yet ?” Only parents who have never heard that in the car, raise their hand !

Sometimes travelling during the holidays can seem very long (for children and consequently for the parents !). It is therfore necessary to be extremely imaginitive ! Occupying your children and make the journey more pleasant for everybody.

Here we go, we have some ideas for you:

  • The classic: For example, find a red car. The first one who finds it wins. You will be impressed to what extent the desire to find and to win will override the desire to have a loo stop 😉
  • You can also challenge your children by finding a word that starts with the first letter on a drivers license plate. Besides by keeping them busy they also develop their vocabulary.
  • Give them quizzes. All subjects work well : music (mention various artists ) cinema (how many Walt Disney titles ? ), animals (find 5 animals beginning with the letter M) … The possibilities are endless, and besides not only being amusing it will stimulate their memory ! If you are lacking inspiration, don’t hesitate to use questions on board games for ideas.
  • Music could be your saviour during this journey. Think of taking their favorite CD, they will happily sing out loud creating an amusing journey (also think of taking a box of aspirin;)).
  • Take books: if your children are at a young age take books with images. It can distract them for a few moments. Avoid books with lots of text as reading in the car sometimes can cause car sickness.
  • There are numerous possibilities to keep your bambinos busy before you arrive at your destination !
  • Start your holiday in a positive way. Have surprises games in store !