Most of our Castels include Equestrian clubs, some are situated nearby  which allows you to participate easily in any equestrian event during your holiday! Whether you are just curious, a beginner or an experienced rider, be assured that riding has many benefits to our body and our mind. This Summer may well be be the occasion to get started 😉

We are not telling you anything that you don’t already know, about the advantages that sport makes on our well being. Horse riding outdoors can be so invigorating! Inhaling all that fresh air whilst  enjoying the surrounding countryside creates a feeling of total freedom and is so relaxing! Furthermore, whether it’s a slow trot or show jumping, out door sport is beneficial for our stamina and enjoyment of life.

Being in contact with animals is very good for we humans. Horses are considered sensitive and sociable so it’s not surprising, young and old love this animal 🙂 Contact with horses can create a wonderful bond and become very therapeutic!

Finally, it’s an activity that respects the fauna and flora, therefore the environment  It is so enjoyable to go horse riding with your children during the holidays! Certain Castels, such as Le Domaine des Ormes or Le Parc de Fierbois suggest pony trails in the domain. It’s  a good way to  introduce children to sport and to learn to understand  animals 🙂

La Garangeoire in particular provides riding facilities which are open all season. Whichever Castel you choose to spend your holiday don’t hesitate to inquire at Reception regarding equestrian program timetable!

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