The Castels have  retraced the past 60 years of fashion and it’s trends. For this special occasion being the anniversary of Castels, we would like to share with you what we discovered was the most popular clothing over the past 60 years.

The year of the 60s

The ’60s helped to get rid of the more traditional and classic standards of fashion. Society as a whole was changing, fashion was taking advantage of this revolution. Iconic pieces appeared, such as the mini-skirt, the mid-calf leather boots, the acidic colours were trendy and the patterns like polka dots  and stripes  very popular ! The great feminine icons of fashion are Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Hardy.

Beach wear, we opt for the bikini ! The first is created in 1946 in Paris but it really became a must a few years later.

Car Ride Couple Retro - 60 years in fashion

Car Ride Couple Retro – 60 years in fashion

The year of the 70’s

The 70’s marked the arrival of bohemian dresses, bell-bottoms and flowing blouses with psychedelic prints. Fashion is marked by a society that frees itself and asserts pacifist claims !

The pieces that we find, besides the elephant leg pants, are the long bohemian skirt and the midi skirt,  printed tee-shirt, platform shoes,  boots or knee-high leather boots. There are many motifs: oriental, floral, psychedelic prints, or stripes with the famous tie  dye, all in trendy fabrics like jeans, fine and fluid fabrics and fake fur. The 70s are marked by feminine models affirmed: Jane Birkin, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez or Romy Schneider.

On vacation, the pop-colored bikini is seen on all the beaches!

Friends Dancing and Playing Guitar - 60 years in fashion

Friends Dancing and Playing Guitar – 60 years in fashion

The year of the 80’s

The 80s celebrate pop and fluoro because during these years, fashion is great fun !

Models” Supermodels arrive on the catwalk and work the body worship. Claudia Schiffer or Naomi Campbell are the stars of the podiums. Fluoro  is now everywhere: from k-way jackets to bum bags, one can even find it in makeup and feminine accessories. The patterns are also numerous: stripes, dots, spots, diamonds, sequins and rhinestones, the more we have, the better ! The star of the Eighties is the leggings, fluoro if possible, to dance all night as in Flashdance !

On the camping side, the one-piece swimsuit with crazy prints or specific cutouts becomes the favourite on the beaches.

1980's fitness girls - 60 years in fashion

1980’s fitness girls – 60 years in fashion