Glamping is a term frequently used when referring to holidays, but what does the word actually mean ?
It is an abbreviation of the term « glamour » and « camping ». Glamping is a style of camping which offers original out of the ordinary accommodation. It creates a concept that combines cosy comfort and that luxurious feeling  at the same time respecting the surrounding natural environmental.

Why not have a change from the the classic mobile home or the chalet and experience an exciting new camping adventure?
There are now 8 Castels which offer alternative and original accommodations ! Imagine staying in a Indian teepee, nomadic in a Caravan or being like Robin Hood in a Tree house !

Modern camping tee pees at european camp site in The Yorkshire Dales National Park a contemporary trend called glamping because its more glamourous than the traditional method with all mod cons

Huts, Tree houses and Kevells can be found at Domain des Ormes. Tree houses can be found at Park de Fierbois and Château de Lez Eaux. High pitched tents and teepees can be found at Petit Trianon de St Ustre. Caravans at Château de Galinée or Faré (mobile home revamped in a hut style) are situated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region are at Criques de Porteils. These Castels campsites certainly know how to offer you a variety of unique accommodation possibilities !
Castels campsites have thought of everything concerning the comfort of their rented accomodations !
All Huts, Kevells, Caravans and Farés, are equipped with santary facilities. As for the Tree houses and cabines by the water dry toilets have been installed. For the teepees sanitary facilites are close by ! After all, that’s the real enjoy of camping !
So before reserving your usual campsite location, have a look at the section « atypique accomodation » on our website !
It will be worthwhile !