All is done, your next holidays are reserved and the family are excited about the destination!

We all know that organising holidays it is not so easy: choosing the dates, the destination, the methods of transport… So to make life easier for you we have taken away the headache of packing a suitcase by giving you essential advice. The things not to forget when you go camping !

Apart from the obvious: tent, groundsheet, sleeping bag and cooking essentials, we need to mention a few extras which make life easier when travelling.

  •  An anti mosquito spray: it would be a pity be to spoil your holidays because of little bugs J
  •  Batteries: they will always be handy, either for your flashlight or even your camera, you will be very pleased to have them!
  • A guide book of the region. Ah yes, even if today smartphones tells us all we want to know, it’s often a great help to have a guide in your backpack!
  • Ear plugs: it is only when you need them that you regret enormously not having them with you in order to have a good night sleep 🙂
  •  A solar battery to recharge all your electrical devices without needing a power point Very practical don’t you think ?
  • A Swiss army knife: it is always useful as it has everything: knife, a file, corkscrew …
  • Books : to make the most of your leisure time reading a good book in a chaise longe in the sun, or to pass the time on a rainy day, also think of bringing books for all the family !


You can be assured that you will have a great holiday and just relax !