Only a couple of hours drive from the Castel La Forge Sainte Marie,  the city of Troyes invites you to the festival “Nuits de Champagne”.

Starting from the 23rd thru till 28th October, French performers will be in Champagne to celebrate music and the profession of the singers and song writers.

Established thirty years ago, the Festival has each and every year dedicated the event to a particular artistic style of the songwriter. Each time the idea is to introduce everyone to the mood of the guest artist and their particular creative atmosphere. In the heart of the Nuits, the artist expresses, on stage, the  style, and all the influences that have made them what they are today.

Maxime Le Forestier, Claude Nougaro, Julien Clerc, Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy and also Pascal Obispo in 2016, les Nuits have invited the  classics of French song.

What also makes this particular festival exceptional is the presence and participation of more than 900 chorus singers who add and interpret the most symbolic songs of the repertoire composed by the invited songwriter of the festival.

Together, they pay tribute to the career of the artist by interpreting twenty compositions over three performances.

The program for this edition 2017 is titled “Nos plus belles histoires d’amour “. The singers include Barbara, William Sheller, Emily Loizeau and Juliette Armanet, celebrity French artists of 2017.

In the heart of the Nuits de Champagne, which is a journey through the songs and music created in an artistic atmosphere inspired by the various contacts and generations together with the artists and their sponsors. Also this year, the festival team chose as a destination for this first multi faceted journey, a sensitive and moving universe, translated by the words which establish, in a way the generic title of this birthday edition: “Nos plus belles histoires d’amour”.

During 8 days, around thirty artists are going to perform on stage giving enormous pleasure to all festival-goers: Tryo, Raphael, Vincent Delerm, Olivia Ruiz, Camille, Keziah Jones, Patrice, Yalta Club … Find all the programming and information on the site

The year 2017 will be a great coup for the concerts in the middle of the Champagne region.

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