France is well known for its numerous culinary specialities. Every region has dozens of renowned recipes which are unique. Lets look at Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. This sunny Mediterranean area specialises particular fish.

Here are some of our favorite recipes :


Tapenade is a Provençal recipe made from black or green olives, garlic, capers and anchovy. It is served with an apéritif along with bread or croutons.

It is very easy to make, you will see for yourself 🙂

Fish soup (la bouillabaisse)

Fish soup is a famous speciality from Marseille. This broth is served accompanied by garlic croutons then a variety of fish is served on a plate with potatoes.The traditinal fish included are .. whiting, turbot, monkfish, gilt-head bream …etc


If you wish to try it before visiting this beautiful region, the recipe follows

Pesto soup

Pesto soup is made with Summer vegetables and pasta. Pesto is a mixture of garlic, olive oil and basil. This mixture can be added directly to the soup before being served, or served on the side.


This delicious vegetarian recipe is served hot or cold and is very easy to make.

Zucchini flower

This speciality of Provençal cooking is delicious and very simple: it’s made with zucchini flowers dipped in batter. It is a colourful and original way of presenting a simple vegetable.

If you would like to try making it, here is a good recipe.

Navettes ( something sweet ) !

The « Navette provençale » is a pastry cake eaten mainly at « chandeleur » or  Candlemass. which is a religios celebration on 2nd February. There are three types,  classic with orange blossom, Provençal / Marseille and natural without orange blossom. There’ s one to suit all 🙂

It is easy to make and we are sure that you will eat more than one !




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