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60 years of history with Château de Chanteloup

August 12, 2019 Château de Chanteloup 0

Let’s have a chat with The Château de Chanteloup ! Would  you like to introduce yourself ? Dominique Souffront son of Michel Souffront who created the campsite in 1972 What is your role within your Castel campsite ? I have managed the campsite for over 30 years. During the season, with the Dream Team I welcome customers and supervise the entertainment, the bar, the technique . Outside of the season with my maintenance team we carry out maintenance and renovations. When was your camp site... Read more

Zoos near Castels

There are several zoos a few hours from campsite Castels ! A golden opportunity to see the animals of the savanna and discover some rare species ! People of all ages will be enthralled by this adventure ! Read more

Sporting events – The Loire Valley

The Loire valley region is full of sporting events during the high season. If you are a lover of bicycle riding or running, we advise you choose this destination for your holidays. Read more

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