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60 years of history with Le Château de Leychoisier

May 10, 2019 Château de Leychoisier 0
Château de Leychoisier

It’s time to discover the 60-year old history of Château de Leychoisier, a magnificent luxury campsite in the region of Limousin. On the road to Limoges, Leychoisier offers a typical regional landscape with its undulating rolling hills where ones attention is drawn from a meadow to a river or a forest to a lake ! This 5-star Les Castels campsite is also the oldest in the chain but has not aged and still  offers wonderful services ! Now we shall hear it’s owner tell us all... Read more

Limoges, an historical city !

Bridge of Saint Martial in Limoges at night

Needing a few days to unwind, but not wanting to go too far, which is often something we dream of of doing. This is the reason why we suggest you visit Limoges and the camping Castels Chatêau de Leychoisier. Limoges is a city situated in the centre of south west France, the commemoration of the two thousand year heritage city has been earned the title” City of Art and History” and a much sought after tourist destination. The City centre Amongst the districts to be... Read more

Campsites in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Through the merger of former administrative regions Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes and Limousin, Nouvelle-Aquitaine has become the largest region in France. Now is a better time than ever to visit this area in the southwest of France and stay at a 4- or 5-star Les Castels campsite! Read more

Clafoutis Limousin : The recipe of Château Leychoisier

It’s the cherry season at last ! Picked in your garden before going on holidays or bought at a market near your Castel, these fruits are delicious eaten naturally or cooked ! The Castel « Le Château Leychoisier »  offers you the recipe from the Limousin region, making for a successful clafoutis ! Read more

Limousine cuisine

We continue our selection of best local specialties, and today we leave for Limousin ! More than likely we don’t need to tell you that the basic products of this region are the pure-bred beef of Limousine and also the pork and sheep. Read more

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