There are various ways to practise canyoning, this discipline involves several sports. Either in a canoe a kayak or hiking, beginner or the experienced. There’s sure to be one that suits you !

Canoing is a sport practised by one or two people. One needs to kneel whilst paddling your canoe with a single-blade oar.

The kayak which has seating for one person is practised sitting down and is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle.

These two rather physical sports allow you to develop arm and abdominal muscles, especially when in turbulent waters. It also very good for developing good balance skills, teamwork and coordination…

Canoeing can also be done in tranquil waters, on a simple hike. It is a very pleasant way to discover a region and the landscapes at your own pace just as the water flows 🙂

Most of our Castels propose nautical activities.

La Forge de Sainte Marie for example, suggest numerous aquatic activities at Lac du Der which is 12km from the camping (the largest artificial lake in Europe !).

Le Camp de Florence suggets an introduction course which is situated 25 minutes from the camp. One can hire the necessary equipment to discover the region from a different perspective.

Le Château de la Rochetaillée given its location, will allow you to practise many nautical activities ! In Oisans one finds torrents, waterfalls, lakes and glaciers. You can do rafting, kayaking, canyoning and also hydrospeed.

Wherever you are, there’s sure to be the opportunity to enjoy canyoning in the surrounding area of your campsite 🙂