No it is not always raining in Brittany, its quite the opposite … Between the seaside and history, you can easily become enthrawled while taking advantage of the fresh salty sea air !

The world famous menhirs, a prehistoric monumental monolith

Prehistoric megalithic menhirs alignment in Carnac

Prehistoric megalithic menhirs alignment in Carnac

Situated in the municipality of Morbihan, Carnac is known for its extradinary monumental monolith which has intrigued visitors from all over the world ! Over a period of 7 000 years, the megalithic site of Carnac, which is also the most popular in Brittany has been classified in the list of Historic Monument since 1889. Sites, Ménec and Karmario, together consite of more than 3000 menhirs. Menhirs, dolmens, tumulus, there is a lot to take in. Free visites to this historical site in Carnac are available from October till March. From April till September, only payed conference visites allow you to enter the actual site.

The discovery of the coast

Quiberon, France - August 9, 2017: The houses overlooking the Port Maria harbor

Quiberon, France – The houses overlooking the Port Maria harbor

You can also explore the wild coast and the Quiberon peninsula or admire the magnificent view of the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan. Numerous possibilities offer themselves to you: chapels, former Breton farms transformed into ecomuseums, castles, zoo, aquarium… and all this no less than 50 kilometers away ! All summer long, take advantage of the Place aux Môme : performances for all, every week in July and August.

Relaxation and well-being in Brittany

If you wish to indujge yourself, there are many sessions of thalassotherapy. The Center « Carnarc Thalasso & Spa resort » is amongst one of the most renowned in France. You can discover the relaxation alcoves sea water spa plus open air Jacuzzi or be pampered in the spa beauty area and discover the best care for the body as well as the new cosmetic range BioCarnac.