One thing’s for sure, the flavours of Breton are truly gourmond and we love it !

Your heart will be content whether you are a salty or a sweet afficiando.

There are many well known specialities but we will resist talking  about the famous Kouign-amann pancakes. We prefer to tell you about the lesser known gastronomic delights and you wil discover traditional delicious recipes 🙂

Le Ker-Y-Pom

The what ? It is a gourmet sugar crust pastry with apples and chocolate which originates from the charming city of Saint-Malo.

You can’t miss this delicious sweet flavour during your stay. Either for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert this sugary delight will treat your taste buds 🙂

Here is the recipe.

Le Kig-Ha-Farz

Like Ker-Y-Pom this name is unique. You will see that this typical dish is very similar to our national pot-au-feu.This dish literally means ” meat and stuffing ” and is found around the Basse- Bretagne.

The ingredients for this recipe include buckwheat flour, pork knuckles, beef and bacon along with vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, turnips and leeks.

A delightful family dish to be shared with a table of food lovers 😉

Here is the recipe.

La Roulade Sévigné

We continue our journey  to the city of Vitré near the Haute- Bretagne where you can taste this dish.

Made up of farmed guinea fowl which is stuffed with mushrooms, apples and walnuts. This delicacies, roll shaped speciality is traditionally served with a glass of cider 🙂

Here is the recipe.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful food of this region ! 🙂