Bicycle riding is enjoyable and a practical way of getting places whilst cycling through the country side . Healthy and ideal for all ages, a bike is not an expensive investment nor does one need to have extraordinary physical ability. Riding at a moderate speed can in one hour burn up to 200 to 350 calories !

Whether you bring your own bike or whether you rent one on arrival, biking will offer an idyllic way to discover landscape surrounding your chosen holiday resort.

One can ride along the paths by the water banks, in town or along the bicycle tracks through fields and forests allocated especially for this purpose. Always look for the signs indicating it is permissible to cycle through the area.

As an outdoor sport, biking offers a wonderful time with the family. Having a break when you wish without looking around for ages for a parking space, and never having to worry about filling up for petrol plus the costs of hiring a car !

Le Château de Martragny, at reception you will find maps with well defined tracks for cycling. La Paille Basse et La Garangeoire, offer accompanying cyclists on excursions 1 or twice a week during the high season.

If you like bike riding but you don’t happen to have access to a bike we suggest “Cyclorail” near the campsite La Forge Saint Marie and the “Vélorail” of Castel Le Caussanel. An original idea, travelling by rail-bike or train on a charming and mysterious trip ! A 10 km railroad in the heart of the countryside, a memorable way to travel. Woman sitting under sun light at day near bicycleIf you stay in a mountainous region it is possible to hire electric bikes. Provided with a charged battery, they help to ease your legs in case of tiredness and the steeper slopes ! Ideal for your holiday at Château de Rochetaillée where you may attempt climbing Alpe d’Huez.

This automation allows you to cycle around thirty kilometres without pedalling!

A bike is also great to use when shopping in town ! Forget the car and make the most of the fresh air ! If your bike has a basket, you can pack a picnic and take some water to keep you going the whole afternoon. If not then take a backpack !

For the young ones don’t forget to give them helmets and kneepads for the more adventurous.

Inquire about hiring bikes which are available at Domaine de Drancourt, Domaine de la Brèche, Les Gorges du Chambon, Château de l’EpervièreDomain des OrmesChâteau de Poinsouze , Château de Leychoisier, Château lez Eaux, l’Anse du Brick, Le Brévedent, Le Petit Trianon St UstreParc du Fierbois.