France is edged with beaches of varying landscapes. Luminous, tropical or untamed, so many are worth seeing ! Even if your Castel offers a wonderful swimming pool, you must not resist visiting and experiencing the  wide open sea and the sublime beaches !

A stroll along the French coast: 

Towards the North is the Castel Le Brévédent 

Deauville : 

A few steps away from the famous casino of Deauville, you will find a vividly coloured stretch of beach with the iconic shaped parasols ! Whilst wandering along the boardwalk and seeing the cabins of once famous American actors, have a stroll  along the beach at Deauville amidst the Norman sea spray !

Etretat :

The courageous may well venture into the very fresh Norman water to swim. Others will prefer, and take advantage of the impressive environment: Immense limestone cliffs face the beach. The views from the top will take your breath away.

Near la Garangeoire

Plage des Dames Noirmoutier :

The most renowned beach on the island has an ideal position. Protected from the prevailing winds, it offers the perfect aspect for all racket sports and anything nautical ! With its typical small houses and its clear water, the panorama is complete…

To the southwest near the Village Western

Le Pilat :

Tucked away behind a spectacular dune, the beach offers a breathtaking panorama of the ocean and the pine forest. The sea view is as far as our eyes can take us and the water is at a perfect temperature, what more would one ask for ? This is one of most beautiful beaches in the world !

Near the Ruisseau des Pyrénées

Anglet :

A  typical beach and very beautiful, the large beach of Miramar where surfers meet, the beach of Anglet where one can find « La Petite Chambre d’Amour ». This enchanting name arose from a story about lovers’ being taken by the tide, not confirmed ! but a place to be visited .

In the South near the Domaine de la Bergerie

Pampelone to Ramatuelle :

By the edges of the Côte d’Azur, the renowned beaches of fine sand make it a paradise. Extending for 4.5km Saint Tropez has a beach lined with numerous restaurants and  trendy clubs from which to choose .

Porquerolles :

It is necessary to take the boat (which means  getting up very early during high season) to reach the Mediterranean beaches of Porquerolles.

Numerous creeks and paradise like beaches are waiting for you. You won’t spend much time spent on your beach as thereis so much to explore !