How about taking the opportunity during your holidays and learn to play golf ? Golf brings together thousands of people every year and is a sport that is enjoyable on a beautiful day.

Did you know that this sport is excellent for your concentration and co ordination ?

Indeed, playing a game of 18 holes can turn out to be very physical ! Activating the brain’s agility and exercising the body, this sport will enhance your general well being, it’s so invigorating, you will feel wonderful.

Contrary to what one may think, golf is a physical sport as your body uses muscles which are not used to being stimulated. It is normal to suffer from some aches and stiffness in your arms and back after a session. Hydration and stretching will allow you to ease more quickly into the rhythm!

This sport is known to be relatively expensive, we recommend you hire the golf sticks and bag before buying all the equipment required.

You can also practice before playing 9 or 18 holes. The practice, with a bucket of balls, will allow you to improve your swing by remaining on-the-spot. This exercise which is less expensive is also fun when starting out.

To progress more quickly, we suggest taking some lessons so that you can learn the correct positions which will avoid causing back pain. Also, you will learn the correct way to grip a golf club or an iron plus your stance.

In the past golf was often thought of as a male sport ! Nowdays,  women of all ages enjoy the golf experience, they find enjoyment and the camaraderie which often leads to a real love of the game 🙂

We suggest you approach your favorite Castels camping sites to discover which golf clubs are closet to you.