The holidays have ended for some, but it’s time for you to go South West !

The vast beaches stretch endlessly  and the temptation to go swimming is irresistible ! As is the case every year, waves are dotted with surfers from Hossegor to Saint Jean de Luz.

Why not to take advantage of this ideal opportunity and learn to surf ?

Here is some advice before you race into the water and tackle the waves, so you will have total peace of mind !

Surfing is a sport which requires good physical fitness. All body muscles are used, therefore practicing a sport during the year is highly recommended if you want to be fit ! Cardio, stretching and strengh are needed to stand  well and to retain your balance whilst riding the waves !

To stand up well on a surf board, it is important to practise with your eyes closed to visualise one’s body in space. Train on the beach to begin with !

There is always a temptation to take all the waves that appear ! Learn to manage your energy and your enthusiasm for surfing because you may well become exhausted if you don’t ! Start out on beginner waves and take a break occasionally, contemplating the waves whilst « out  the  back » in open sea sitting on your board !

Beginners must equip themselves with a security cord, an individual water proof, fluro identification, a vest or a thermal wetsuit.

Before setting out check the weather conditions, tell your friends exactly where you are surfing and how long you plan to spend in the water ! Everybody is then reassured !

In case of injury or fatigue, stay on your board and wave to alert people on the beach or nearby for help. And do not forget the No 1 rule, one surfer per wave !

If you prefer to learn in a group situation or with a trainer, numerous clubs offer their services situated along the Basque coast line ! Inquire on the spot !

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