Does a long weekend in sunshine wandering through the streets of a Provençal city sounds inviting ? Perfect ! Nîmes just happens to organise its flamboyant festivals from 1st June until 5th June !

A few hours away from your Castel Château de Boisson or Domaine de  Sévenier, come and spend a some time in this city with Roman and Camargue accents !

The program of this long weekend includes: Hispanic singing, flamenco dancing, the Grand Sévillan Ball, Campo de feria, bullfighting and ‘course camarguaise’ … An image which reflects the Spanish origins of Nîmes !

Numerous concerts are planned throughout the city to create a vibrant Andalusian atmosphere in Nîmes. Certain singers are accompanied with dancers and in particularly the flamenco dancers give an enormous  pleasure and discovery to the young and the old !

Do not miss out on abrivados, which is the releasing of the bulls in the closed streets especially created for the occasion. A route is layed out and streets and houses are protected so one can calmy take advantage of the entertainment without any danger ! 1 abrivado is planned every day, find the schedule on the city site of Nîmes. le site de la ville de Nîmes.

In the heart of the Nîmes arena you can also attend the ‘courses camarguaises’,  this sporting event involves  snatching rosettes or ribbons from the horns of a young bull. A more indigenous genre of bullfighting without maming the bulls offers an alternative to the spectators who enjoy bullfighting in the grand arenas of the city.

If you are not followers of bullfighting, you can also walk through the streets of the city listening to the sounds of Spanish music and take time to enjoy the fresh air by relaxing on a terrace ! Take advantage of visiting the Maison Carré, the Magne tour and find the essence of “Rome Française “.

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