So happy to have found you again for our interview of the week in our series on 60 years of history. Today, it’s The Princes d’Orange, luxury camping in the Hautes-Alpes, who tells us its history and its anecdotes ! So, ready to discover this 4 stars Les Castels campsite ?

Would you like to introduce yourself ?

My name is Muriel Bommelaer and I am the owner of The Princes d’Orange campsite with Laurent my husband, Yann our son and Mélissa our daughter in law.

What is your role within your Castel campsite ?

I’m the manager, however when it comes to making decisions for the campsite, it’s up to the four of us !

When was your campsite established ? Can you describe it ?

The campsite The Princes d’Orange has existed for 40 years. We took it back in 2007. It’s a family campsite overlooking the cliffs and the medieval village of Orpierre, classified among the cities of art and picturesque towns of France. The surrounding landscapes are absolutely sublime.

the Princes d'Orange

What are your values, your ambitions for the future ?

Conviviality, sharing and sense of good humour ! But also, to preserve this haven of peace and sharing it with our customers.

Can you tell us an anecdote? Your favourite memory ?

Our son met his wife at the campsite the 1st month of our arrival and since then we are lucky to have a beautiful grand daughter  who is already 11 years old … Time flies by so fast !

Your favourite place in the estate ?

The view from the last terrace of the campsite on the cliffs of Orpierre and the valley of Buech are two magical places ! My eyes never get tired of admiring these two vistas.

The princes d'orange

What is your favourite moment depending on the seasons ?

Every morning of every season, I walk with my dog Naïla through the campsite, near the river, just to admire the landscape. These moments are very special to me.

The princes d'orange river

What are your plans for 2019 ?

After 10 years of work and investments, we will devote ourselves, even more so to the personalised welcome we give our customers, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful experience with us. We sincerely hope that our guests feel comfortable and don’t want to leave !

See you soon for new adventures ! Feel free to share your vacation anecdotes !

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