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60 years of stories with L’Orangerie de Beauregard

April 25, 2019 Campings 0
Orangerie de Beauregard

Les Castels share with us 60 years of stories through numerous anecdotes about our 4 and 5 star luxury camping! It’s in Touraine that the luxury 4-star campsite L’Orangerie de Beauregard opens its doors. Surrounding a magnificent manor house and beautiful buildings, you can enjoy a “British” atmosphere, out of the ordinary accommodation and a luxury situated campsite!  Read more

60 years of stories with Les Princes d’Orange

April 16, 2019 Les Princes d'Orange 0
The Princes d'Orange

So happy to have found you again for our interview of the week in our series on 60 years of history. Today, it’s The Princes d’Orange, luxury camping in the Hautes-Alpes, who tells us its history and its anecdotes ! So, ready to discover this 4 stars Les Castels campsite ? Read more

60 years of history at Le Château de l’Epervière

Château de l'epervière

Today, we  will take you to the Château de l’epervière, a 5-star campsite located in the heart of Southern Burgundy: a country where life is good between beautiful food and prestigious wines ! So, what are some of the anecdotes of this luxury campsite in Burgundy ? Discover 60 years of camping history with Gert-Jan Engel ! Read more

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