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Le Ty Nadan
(Nord-Ouest, )


A maritime and international event, a cultural and popular festival, in the magical framework of the "Little Sea" (Mor Bihan in Britton) Over one thousand of traditional and classic boats, divided up into coherent and identifiable flotillas, sailing every day and stopping in various ports and anchor points. The result: a "bursting" maritime festival, bringing alive the whole of the Golfe of Morbihan. It is the particular geography and the physical characteristics of this "small sea" (its islands and islets, the narrows which separates and protect it from the high sea, the tides, the currents and counter-currents, the choppy waters), which determinates and rhythm the whole nautical programme.
Date : du 22/5/2017 au 28/5/2017

Kernault Manor

Enjoy a country walk in the grounds of the 15th century Manoir de Kernault (Kernault Manor), where cows, sheep and Breton draft horses graze. The Kernault estate and manor are a beautiful illustration of how Breton rural manor houses have developed through the centuries. Set in 30 acres of land, managed using eco-friendly methods, there's something to see all year round including Breton horses, Scottish cows and Ouessant sheep. Flora, fauna and nature lovers will love roaming around the manor woodlands including the garden wood, the ‘wall-walk' wood and the ‘winged-serpent' wood. There's also an orchard housing a collection of cider-apple varieties. Kernault Manor's summer programme features storytelling and literary shows and exhibitions all year round. The manor was built in the 15th century and has retained some aspects of gothic architecture including a 16th century house, a 17th century timber-framed granary and an 18th century state room.
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 4/9/2017

ANWB Top camping 2017

We are really proud to announce that our campsite has obtained 5 stars with the inspectors of Anwb. This price is only reserved to 22 french campsites.
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 5/9/2017


The Ty Nadan has been selected as one of the 20 best family campsites in Europe for 2017
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 5/9/2017

ADAC 2017

We are pleased to inform you of our 3rd reward of the year : "SUPERPLATZ 2017" by ADAC
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 5/9/2017

La cité de la voile

An interactive story of ocean racing, the best skippers, and their boats – it's almost as good as being there! Come and follow in the footsteps of Eric Tabarly, the great French navigator and father of virtually all modern sailing, and experience the world of ocean racing. At the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly (Eric Tabarly Sailing World), during a three-hour visit, you can see and experience the world of sailing and the sea. Thanks to an interactive simulator, with sound and pictures, you can experience the thrill of sailing and navigation, design your own boat, and simulate being on board an ocean-going racing catamaran, with the world's finest skipper. Still not satisfied? Then climb aboard the large sailing ship moored in Lorient harbour and feel the excitement of the wind in the sails and the hull sliding through the water. And don't miss this year's special exhibition – “Skipper du ciel… L'aventure des voiliers volants” (Skippers in the sky – the flying sailors).
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 4/9/2017

Opening on the 24/05/17

Le Ty Nadan will open on the 24th of May 2017.
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 4/9/2017

Free nights

Take advantage of our low season offer, pay only 5 nights and stay for 7. This offer can't be accumulated with other reductions and is valid from the 24th of May until the 1st of July 2017
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 30/6/2017

The green key

Labeled since 2013. The Environment and Ty Nadan ? Environmental policy Since its creation, Ty Nadan is wary of respecting the environment. Situated in a « Natura 2000» zone, everything is put in place to preserve the balance of nature and its beauty. Environmental policy o Integrate accommodation in a wood environment o Maintain natural shade on the mobile homes Also, plants requesting little water are used as well as limiting the flower watering in the evening. ? Energy management o In the mobile homes, we replace the used light bulbs with low energy bulbs. o Water meter reading, and we have installed intermediary meters to detect any leakages. o Purchases of A class or A+ class devices ? Waste management o Recycling bags o Installment of compost boxes in partnership with CALICOT o Used battery collection at the site shop o Use of Eco labelled products o Purchase of durable products ? Environmental awareness o Organized walks and bike rides with a guide, to discover the local flora and wildlife. o Bike hire to limit car use o Use of buses for the canoe trips
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 4/9/2017


25 Kilometers away from the campsite, A charming village tucked away in the green estuary of the river Aven where the poetry of the landscape and the exceptional light attract many painters, artists, writers and poets. Worth visiting : "The painters' stroll", the famous biscuit factories of Pont-Aven.
Date : du 24/5/2017 au 4/9/2017

Les vieilles charrues

Enjoy the Festival LES VIEILLES CHARRUES in CARHAIX from the 13th until the 16th of July 2017.The artists for 2017 are : Manu Chao, Justice, Phoenix, Renaud, Die Andwoord, Arcade Fire, Jean-Michel Jarre, DJ Snake, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Matmatah.... Whilst the line-up at the Vieilles Charrues changes every year, for over 20 years its recipe for success has remained the same with a mix of eclecticism and conviviality, legends, and legends in the making. Five stages, 80 artists and 230,000 spectators...This festival really is a must! Situated in the heart of the Finistère countryside, the festival comes back each year with a line-up that's music to your ears. The playlist will appeal just as much to electro mad teenagers as pop fans and rocking granddads. The festival has the knack of creating a melting pot of musical styles and generations to suit all styles and generations.
Date : du 13/7/2017 au 16/7/2017

Festival de Cornouaille

Dedicated to the sheer richness and diversity of Breton culture, the Festival de Cornouaille is a cultural cornucopia, and even though it is now nearly ninety years old, this festival is still as youthful as ever. Concerts, all kinds of entertainment, competitions to determine the best bagadoù, or bagpipe players, bell-ringers and dancers...and the Great Sunday Parade where everyone dresses in traditional costume. That's the Festival de Cornouaille. For one week every summer, Quimper's historic town centre vibrates to the Celtic rhythm, much to the delight of some 250,000 visitors. And, since 1923, the festival has never been a disappointment. Back then, the gorgeous girls of Concarneau, Quimper and Pont-Aven paraded proudly in traditional Breton costumes
Date : du 18/7/2017 au 23/7/2017

Interceltic festival in Lorient

Each summer, around 700,000 people from all over the world invade the Celtic land of Lorient for the Festival Interceltique. From Galicia to Scotland, the cream of Celtic music can be found here, to be enjoyed in a really convivial atmosphere. Every year it's the same song and dance! Since 1971, this festival has really got it in the bag-ad, for every year it's bombard-ed with over 700,000 visitors coming to listen to the Celtic sounds of the bombards and the bagad. Just like the Pied Piper, this inter-Celtic parade mesmerises the crowd, assembled here to celebrate an inter-Celtic night at the Moustoir stadium or in the fishing port, to the sound of the Scottish and Spanish bagpipes that fill the air. Around 200 events and shows and 5000 performers on the bill...Tourists will love the atmosphere, and the Lorient locals are wholeheartedly involved in this festival which celebrates Celtic culture. Well into its forties, the Interceltique may be greying a little around the temples, but it is still young at heart.
Date : du 4/8/2017 au 13/8/2017

Festival des filets Bleus

Over a hundred years old, the Filets Bleus festival takes place every August, when it gives the town of Concarneau and its inhabitants an opportunity to go back to their roots. A typically Breton-flavoured costumed parade, with dancing and games that have no need whatsoever for artificial colouring. Some come out of curiosity, others to see all the pomp and pageantry of the parade. Some want to win a bout of Gouren, a type of Breton wrestling, while others hope to learn a few steps of a traditional Breton dance or try their hand at palets, which is ‘boules' Breton-style. And of course they come to see the new Miss Filets Bleus, chosen among the wealth of pretty young girls from Concarneau. It's hard to imagine that this vibrant festival has been around for over a hundred years! Back then, the quays of Concarneau were covered in the blue sardine-fishing nets that have since given their name to this festival. In 1905, hard times hit the fishing industry and the inhabitants of Concarneau decided to pull together by creating the Filets Bleus. From that point on, this local event has never ceased to grow, becoming one of the most popular and unmissable festivals of traditional Breton culture. And it goes without saying that each and every visitor takes away a little piece of wonderful Breton culture
Date : du 15/8/2017 au 20/8/2017


NEW Thanks to the specially adapted all terrain Segway's®, discover the Breton coastline. Discover the creeks and drive near the beaches of LE POULDU and discover the hidden treasures of our region. (from 12 yrs and minimum 7.08 stones). Session of 45 minutes.
Date : du au

Natura 2000

Inscription de notre site en NATURA 2000 : là où la nature est restée sauvage
Date : du au

The Glenan Island

Tickets on sale at reception to visit the island. The Îles de Glénan are an archipelago of islands about 10 miles (16km) off the south coast of Finistère. Only accessible in summer, they are best known for their sailing and diving schools and for having a unique indigenous flower. Exotic paradise The archipelago is made up of nine main islands and many islets, in the middle of which is a lagoon renowned for the clarity of its water and the whiteness of its sands; in fact, the area has been described as ‘the Breton Tahiti'. The main island The Glénans are very popular with daytrippers as there are daily ferries in season from Loctudy, Bénodet, Concarneau and Beg-Meil. The boats arrive at the main island, Saint Nicolas, where you'll find a couple of restaurants as well as the international diving school and France's smallest nature reserve, which was founded in 1974 to protect the Glénan Narcissus; the small white flower carpets the island in April. In the 19th century, one of the island's inhabitants was France's largest breeder of lobsters and langoustines.
Date : du au

Groix Island

Reduction for crossing for our guests. At 4.3 miles (7 km) long by 1.8 miles (3 km) wide, Île de Groix is Brittany's second largest island after Belle-Île and lies 8.7 miles (14km) off the coast of Lorient. Once a major centre for tuna fishing, Groix is now noted for its lovely (and unusual) beaches and its important concentration of minerals. The main drag Ferries from Lorient take around 45 minutes to arrive at Port Tudy, Groix's main town. The port was France's main centre for tuna fishing from 1870-1940 and you can find out about the industry's fascinating history at the Ecomusée. The museum traces the island's history from the Bronze Age covering all aspects of the inhabitants' lives from birth to death.
Date : du au

Pont Scorff Zoo

Reduction and tickets for sale at reception. Hearing a lion roar is not a common occurrence in Brittany, but thanks to the Pont-Scorff zoo, everyone can get the chance to hear one. More than 600 animals and 120 species from the four corners of the world can be found in the semi-open spaces of this tropical paradise at Pont-Scorff. Committed to both conservation and breeding programs for endangered species, the zoo is home to a variety of animal families, including hippopotamuses, giraffes, panthers, wolves and lemurs. You can even come face to face with the real stars of the zoo, a couple of white lions. Throughout the day, various animal shows bring together fun and acrobatics and set the pace of the visit. And when the parakeets, otters and marine birds get dressed up for the show, the place just lights up with the excitement on the children's faces.
Date : du au

Flore submarine, Submarine Discovery Centre

This year, visit the Flore (a submarine disarmed in 1989), and relive the great moments of 20th century history, seen through the eyes of the town of Lorient. New attraction: situated on the former submarine base at Lorient, the Flore will soon open its doors for the first time to the public. Bearing witness to 50 years of military history in Lorient, the submarine will house both cultural and educational exhibits. Before entering the actual submarine, there is an exhibition in one of the hangars of the former base, tracing the history of the submarine base, its men, and its boats. This interactive visit will help you relive the everyday life of the submariners and understand the workings of these rather mysterious submersibles. During the visit, you can learn about the strategic role that the port of Lorient played in 20th century history. The visit comes to an end in the alleyways of the Flore itself, where, armed with an audio guide you can listen to the numerous tales and anecdotes told by former submariners.
Date : du au

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